A page with creative ways to use the Choice Activity

  • Instead of Doodlepoll - in choice you can set it to allow one or many selections so put your date and times into the various choice options and you have a doodlepoll
  • As a simple anonymous vote - choice can be anonymous or have names attached, so if you want to know whether your students have ready the whole Bible but think they will be reluctant to say in class then an anonymous yes/no choice can work. You can show the results to students at any point.
  • To display a video with the requirement to tick a box in response. (Eg which character do you identify with ...). Having to give some response changes the way students watch a video. By using choice rather than just putting it in a label as a tutor you can list who has (or has not) watched the video.

Last modified: Friday, 19 November 2021, 11:11 AM