Using images and videos within copyright rules

A Book looking at copyright, Creative Commons and other legal ways of managing and working with images. Look for the table of contents on the top right.

1. The use of images and crediting their creators

Images and videos are essential to producing engaging online material. However not all material can be used legitimately on your Moodle site. This depends on the copyright rules. Any images used need to be attributed appropriately in a similar way to quoting books in an essay.

This guide will not cover how to work out the copyright rules on everything. Neither can it be taken as legal advice. What it will do is signpost sources of content that can freely be used within a Moodle site, provided you attribute them.

There are of course two other ways to keep within copyright rules

1) Pay for access to copyrighted pictures or videos.

2) Create pictures yourself. There are no restrictions on how I can use the picture below. I know because I took it.

Sunset with man and sea arch